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Fritz Zorn: Mars

Fritz Zorn is the pseudonym of a Zurich-millionaire son and high school teacher, who grew up in a conservative dominated middle-class family, suffering from depression and the age of 32 dies of cancer. Zorn told from different perspectives of the artificial harmony in his childhood. Avoid StreitgeprÃĪchen, the family is always in agreement, that it is followed without exception, the opinion of the father. From a school friend anger is asked if he likes cars. Zorn thinks he likes cars and say "Yes". It turns out, however, the guy does not like cars. Anger either, but he had lied. Thus, the artificial Harmony of unity in a practical way out into the absurd, but does not come out more Fritz Zorn from the corset of upper-class rigidity. The themes of religion and sexuality were taboo. The mentality of parents' anger can only be hypocritical and dishonest contract, they lie to you but even if the church for respectable hold, want to know about God but nothing. Probably underlies the company a penalty. Others go to church, so we even.

"My misery is the fact that I not be what I want,"
says Zorn.

Zorn knows the importance of love and sexuality is and realizes that this is his biggest deficit. His neurosis as depression, and as he says, as "emotional idiocy" breaks out, manifests itself later in the cancer. My nerves but this pseudo-medical Esoterikkram anger at the mental physical cancer, therefore you get cancer if you are suffering to himself and eat, because the soul is so very sick, they can no longer resist the cancer to help. These deserts are then pointed to that his parents are to blame for the dilemma of his life. His youth in the bucket, because he never had a girlfriend, his adult sex dry well. Unable to interpersonal Relationships, depression and cancer. The guilty are the parents

Quote of anger
any new tumor, the show itself to be a concentrated bulge out of my smooth body, seems to me from the depths of his psychosomatic origin out to the devilish distorted caricature of my demonic "parents" illustrate ...

course I know he is looking for guidance and meaning in all his suffering, however, this abstruse and over again to get chewed is stressful. Fantasies of a terminally ill, desperately looking for a break.

screwed up is his discourse on love, Sex and Freud as Einheitsmixtur and also finds a connection to Christianity, but do not mean sex, but agape, is also in Freud's later writings a much enhanced view of Eros represented as sex, anger did not know this, but instead he continued to be permanent inferiority complains that results from his sexless.

The book is not uplifting. This is sharply critical of his parents, on the one hand saying that his smoldering plains in muted emotions finally break now, but in the end but an immature processing of his hatred, all in his ill cancer belong to parents. However, anger has been denied by his early death, the chance to process his fate makes sense to. As he and his hatred not of course continue to come, he turns around in circles, muddles around in his problems, finds no outlet in the gewurstele more. Even though I've read twenty pages, I can recommend this book anyone now, because at least I can gain any sense of it, well read to a person who constantly dwells only in his hatred Irrgang. Of course, flashes compassion, after all, you would so help a man, but he drives through his Imkreisedreherei me as a reader only in depths of helplessness with the knowledge the suffering was at some point but stop by. On 2 November 1976. †


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